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Removing Pebble Dash From Heritage Properties

Pebble dash is a distinctive, coarse finish typically comprising a sand-and-cement layer decorated with small stones thrown on before the mortar dried. On a Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian property, pebble dash can loss its visual and affect the building’s value over time.

For this reason, you might seek to have this finish removed, a job much easier said than done. The task should, therefore, be handed to a professional like one of our pebble dash removal specialists. We can also fix or replace underlying bricks as required.

If you have any concerns about undertaking what can feel like a difficult, dangerous task, then rest assured that you’ve got the right team on hand. At Jigsaw Brickwork, we’ve been professionally and safely taking care of problem pebble dash finishes for years.

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Removing Pebble Dash

Pebble dash was often used as a cost-effective way to quickly weatherproof homes after both World Wars. However, in the 1970s, it also came into fashion as a low-maintenance overlay on Victorian and Edwardian brick homes, where it has not aged well.

Taking the DIY approach to pebble dash removal poses major challenges, but we know how to detach this finish without risking the condition of the brickwork underneath; we can leave period properties indistinguishable from how they were before the finish was applied.

Pebble Dash Removal Experts London

Replacing or Repairing the Damaged Bricks Underneath

Unfortunately, it's not entirely inconceivable that the pebble dash was originally applied to conceal damaged brickwork. In removing the pebble dash, we could uncover such issues as cracked or eroded brickwork, damp problems or crumbling pointing. However, the good news is that, if we do see such damage, we can replace or repair the affected bricks.

Perhaps, decades ago, a tradesman repointed those old bricks with cement-based mortar. This is a big no-no for heritage properties, as it can hinder the brickwork's flexibility and so lead to cracks and, consequently, damp to form. Where bricks have cracked or incurred other damage, we can repair them or, if required, simply replace them with bricks visually similar or identical to those elsewhere on the building's exterior.

Professional London Pebble Dash Removal

Repointing the Brickwork Using Original Lime Mortar

When removing the pebble dash and exposing the bricks, there should be lime mortar pointing underneath that has worn over time, we can remove and then insert new lime mortar between the bricks, resulting in a consistently solid surface once more. We also repoint in this way even if we fit new bricks.

It's important that, for this purpose, lime mortar is used instead of cement-based mortar, which should be reserved for comparatively modern properties. It's all part of our drive to ensure that our treatment respects the property's genuine heritage. Your London home was built in a certain way, to look and feel a certain way. At Jigsaw Brickwork, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to making your property look its absolute, original best – don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about how our work can work wonders for your home.

Our Pebble Dash Removal Process


Pebble Dash Removed

An experienced specialist will meticulously and gradually detach the pebble dash from the brickwork.

Damaged Bricks Replaced

Where bricks are beyond repair, we will replace them with new bricks of a suitable colour and style.


Bricks Cleaned and Restored

Remaining bricks can be cleaned if covered with paint or dirt, and returned to their original condition.

Lime Mortar Repointing

Lime mortar is the best choice of repointing material for a brick property from before the 1920s.


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Read Typical Pebble Dash Removal FAQ's

Yes, pebble dash can be removed from a house. This all depends on the type of pebble dash, When the pebble dash was put on and the type of build. Pebble dash must be removed carefully and by a specialist who has experience in restoration work. The problem occurs when a builder or a novice tries to remove the pebble dash, they can end up ruining the house.
Almost every pebble dash removal project has some damaged bricks underneath. The skills lies in removing the pebble dash but causing less amount of damage to the bricks, on average every project has around 10 - 15 damaged bricks per project. Jigsaw brickwork will cover you for minimum 50 damaged bricks as part of each project. Jigsaw brickwork can repair or replace the damaged bricks.
Jigsaw Brickwork can replace your damaged bricks for ‘like for like’ bricks or very similar looking bricks. Jigsaw Brickworks team will take a sample of your bricks to the reclaim yard and get a very similar match to replace the damaged bricks, we can also send a sample of your bricks off to get matching brick repair mortar made up and to fix any damaged areas.
Jigsaw Brickwork are lime mortar specialists, this means that we do not carry out any repointing using cement based mortar. Cement mortar will destroy victorian properties and does not let the house breathe, our brick repointing experts have been trained in using making and using original lime mortar. Our brick pointing experts will only use lime mortar to repoint your house.
One of the most common questions is that how much does pebble dash removal cost? There is no one price for every job. Each job requires a site visit to see the how the pebble dash can be removed. Every job is different and sometimes different techniques have to be used to remove the pebble dash. Give jigsaw brickwork a call for your free pebble dash removal quotation.

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