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Restoring the Incredible, Classic Look of Your London Home

If you would like render to be removed from your Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian property, keep in mind that this is a job strictly for a professional. Attempting render removal yourself can seriously risk inflicting damage to the underlying brickwork.

However, at Jigsaw Brickwork, we have suitably experienced professionals who can pay the attention to detail necessary for render removal in a way that minimises damage. If any damaged bricks are revealed underneath, we can match and replace them with reclaimed bricks.

We’ve been removing render and restoring the original brilliance of London properties for years, and our process is precise, safe, and effective. Using time-tested, traditional materials and experienced methods only, we are experts in efficient render removal.

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London Render Removal Service

Removing the Render

The project begins with us removing the render, a task performed with the utmost care to minimise any damage caused to the brickwork underneath in the process. Trying to remove render can pose various challenges, but we know how to overcome all of them.

Victorian properties should not feature any render on top of their brickwork. This not only blocks the breathability of each individual brick, but the house overall, as moisture becomes trapped behind the render. However, once the professional render removal is complete, the entire house will once again be able to breathe – as was intended on the day it was built.

Render Removal Experts London

Replacing or Repairing Damaged Bricks Underneath

After removing the render, the Jigsaw Brickwork restoration team will begin restoring the brickwork – and we are experts in restoring almost any type of brickwork around. The render may have originally been applied to cover certain defects like dirt, paint, or damaged bricks, and our restoration services are tailor made for removing dirt and graffiti, and repairing or replacing bricks.

Where our brick restoration experts can't repair any damaged bricks, we’ll replace them with reclaimed bricks of similar or matching appearance; for this reason, we offer a brick matching service. One of our render removal experts will take sections of your bricks to our trusted brick reclaim yard, and match it as closely as possible in order to complete your render removal project in the best possible style.

London Render Removal Professionals

Lime Mortar Repointing

If your brick property was originally built in the Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian period, it likely consists of solid walls built with lime mortar. These properties must be treated very differently to newer houses with cement mortar and a cavity.

Without a cavity, older walls can't breathe unless lined with lime mortar - not, crucially, cement mortar. Hence, in order to keep damp problems at bay, we will repoint your old property's lime mortar, which might have visibly receded over the years. Our process is designed to reverse the impact that time has had on your home, keeping your property safer from harm, and looking astonishingly, classically good for the foreseeable future.

Our Render Removal Process


Render Removed

This task must only be handled by a professional, as well as slowly to limit damage to the brickwork.

Damaged Bricks Replaced

If detaching the render has left bricks damaged beyond repair, we can replace these before proceeding.


Bricks Cleaned and Restored

Taking account of the type of bricks on the property, we will carefully clean and restore them.

Lime Mortar Repointing

We can remove brick pointing before replacing it for the required absorbency between the bricks.


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Read Typical Render Removal FAQ's

Yes, rendering can be removed, but it must be carried out carefully and slowly, so as to not cause damage to the bricks underneath. Render removal must be carried out by professionals, like the render removal specialists here at Jigsaw Brickwork – we’ve carried out a higher number of careful, incredible render removal projects all over London.
Almost every render removal project reveals damaged bricks underneath. The true skill of removal lies in removing the render, but causing the least amount of damage to the bricks underneath. On average, every render removal project has around 10 - 15 damaged bricks underneath, but Jigsaw Brickwork will cover you for a minimum of 50 damaged bricks as part of each render removal project.
Jigsaw Brickwork are lime mortar experts, which also means that we do not carry out any pointing that uses cement mortar. Cement mortar ruins Victorian properties and does not let the property breathe – our brick repointing team have been trained in making and using original lime mortar, and will only use the right material – lime mortar – on your house.
Render removal projects vary in price, so there is no one set price per house. Each project requires a site visit to determine the extent of the problem. By doing so, the Jigsaw Brickwork render removal team can see, by looking at the render, if there is a major problem underneath. This helps us to determine the best course of action, but without a site visit it is difficult to set a price.

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