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Revealing the Original Character of Your Stonework

The art of making stonework has passed from generation to generation over the centuries, leaving many Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties with beautiful stonework well worth preserving. Our stonemasons have the skills and expertise to restore such beautiful stonework.

You might see a need for stone restoration if weathering has taken its toll on your heritage property’s stonework, leaving it damaged and decayed. We can repair or recreate any such stone, allowing future generations to marvel at its original features.

With access to a reliable, professional stone merchant, even if a small number of your bricks require replacing, we’ll be able to find a match for you. And with our expert stone painting and tinting service, no matter what colour you desire, we can deliver it.

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Stone Cleaning

Stonework must be cleaned in a very particular, meticulous way if all of its dirt is to be removed, while assuring the best possible condition of the stone itself. Before any cleaning takes place, we will assess what type of stone it is and so which cleaning method will work best.

We use ThermaTech cleaning equipment, which is specially designed for use in stone cleaning and restoration. Producing a liquid spray of 150ۣ°C, this technology makes removing paint, dirt and other matter from your stonework an easy process. This ultra safe technique only affects the matter and debris on the surface, and is exceptionally efficient at revealing the true colour of the material underneath – leaving it clean and clear for a long time to come.

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Stone Repair

Before we even clean the stone, we will assess its current condition, looking for signs of damage such as cracks or wear. We will also investigate whether the stone has been finished or coated, such as with any wax, acrylic or enhancer. Certain damage to the stone might only come to light after we have cleaned the surface or stripped the paint.

However we detect damage, our stonemasons will repair it or, should this be thought necessary, replace the damaged stonework with matching or similar stone. To ensure as close a match as practically possible, we offer a stone mortar matching service. If the stonework's edges have been damaged, we can restore them by straightening them and sanding down stone, with our restoration method depending on the type of stone and aimed at restoring the stonework's original features.

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Stone Painting and Tinting

This will be the final stage in your stone restoration project. The portions of stonework we can paint and tint include windowsills, bay pillars, masonry sections and the entrance area, as well as any stone sections we have repaired as part of the project.

You are free to choose the colour which we apply to the stonework, resulting in a look that either faithfully reflects the creative intentions of the original stonemasons or provides a fresh new look in tune with your own approach. We only ever use the most effective and protective paint for your property. This means that unlike with traditional masonry paint, your stone will be able to breathe over time, benefitting the overall integrity of your property over its lifespan.

Our Stone Restoration Process


Paint Removed from Stonework

With our experience, we can remove this paint carefully and slowly to minimise damage to the stonework.

Stone Repair Mortar Applied

We are also capable of using mortar to repair damage inflicted upon stonework by the paint-stripping process.


Stone Sanded Down

This part of the restoration process involves straightening the edges and sanding down the stone.

Stone Painted

Once stonework - including masonry - is repaired, we can paint it in any colour of your choice.


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Read Typical Stone Restoration FAQ's

Yes, stone work can be cleaned – but this must be done by a professional and not attempted by someone who has no experience. Jigsaw Brickwork specialise in expert stone cleaning, using a heated spray masonry cleaning machine by ThermaTech. This machine heats up the water to 150°, is eco-friendly, and ultimately amazing at cleaning stone.
Yes, stone work can be repaired. Jigsaw Brickwork can match the stone with stone repair products, which will be the same colour. We will rebuild or restore your stone and make the features stand out, and repair the stone to show the same quality with which it was originally made. Jigsaw Brickwork can rebuild every kind of stonework used to build Victorian houses.
Yes, when repairing or restoring stone work, our process is to remove the paint from the stone work – revealing the original stone. This way, we can see what the problem is, or where remedial work is required. Some properties feature very thick lead paint on the stone work, and this needs to be removed. Jigsaw Brickwork professionals are trained in operating innovative ThermaTech masonry cleaning equipment.
Yes, Jigsaw brickwork can make or rebuild stonework, where the stone has been badly damaged. We can also arrange for stonemasons to come to your property and copy the stonework before rebuilding it. This can also be done by taking a cast from your neighbour’s house. Our stone repair team can then remake specific areas out of stone.
Yes, once the paint has been carefully stripped from the stone, and the stonework has been restored or repaired, Jigsaw Brickwork can then tint or paint the stonework for you. We can also arrange to have special breathable paint applied to your stonework which, unlike conventional paint, allows your stonework to breathe.

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