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Making Old Brickwork Look as Good as New

London has no shortage of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture, but its brickwork may have picked up damage over time. Perhaps weathering has taken its toll, or the brickwork was mistakenly treated with modern restoration methods.

However that brickwork sustained damage, we understand how to treat it through using the most refined and effective restoration methods. Our skills in brick restoration cover removing dirt and soot and bringing out the brickwork’s original features.

The team at Jigsaw Brickwork have years of experience in working with the most stunning, exquisite, and classic homes in London. Our meticulous brick restoration process is designed to bring out the very best in every brick your property was built with.

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London Brick Restoration Contractors

Restoring The Bricks

Many heritage properties were built very differently to those assembled from the 1920s onwards. However, some tradesmen treating this brickwork might have failed to take this difference into account, leading them to sow seeds of long-term damage.

Our brickwork restoration experts are trained to see where old brickwork has been ill-advisedly treated with modern methods. In repairing the brickwork, they will use only traditional tools and natural materials dating from the building's construction.

Brick Restoration Experts London

Brick Repairs

In some cases, you might not initially recognise the true extent of the brickwork damage. Perhaps you might arrange for us to simply clean your heritage property's brickwork, only for us to uncover surprisingly extensive damage as we remove dust and soot from the surface - especially if that dirt has accumulated in large amounts. Fortunately, however, we can quickly follow up by assessing this damage as well as the most appropriate means of repairing it.

Our brickwork repair services include repointing the lime mortar to a sufficiently porous standard, in order to let your brickwork "breathe". Otherwise, moisture and soluble salts could build up in that brickwork and give rise to penetrating damp. Ultimately, our aim when repairing your brickwork is to restore it to its original condition and features, leaving onlookers none the wiser that it was ever anything other than outstanding.

Professional Brick Restoration London

Brick Replacement

Certain bricks which have heavily decayed or eroded could be strong candidates for replacement. Where we opt to replace a brick, we will use our brick matching service to source a replacement as near as possible to the original in its former condition.

Here, too, we will carefully select a material - and recreate the brickwork's original form - in a way reflecting how the property was first built. This can include using lime pointing rather than cement-based mortar, which is only fit for modern properties. At Jigsaw Brickwork, we never use anything other than the best method for restoring the original, incredible appearance of your property – you’ll never find us using cement mortar in our work.

Our Brick Restoration Process


Bricks Cleaned & Dirt Removed

We will opt for the most suitable cleaning method, taking into account how much dirt has accumulated.

Bricks Repaired & Replaced

This involves restoring the bricks' original colour in a way that benefits the specific type of brick.


Bricks Restored to Original Colour

If clearing the dirt uncovers damage to any of the bricks, we will repair or replace as necessary.

Lime Mortar Repointing

We can refresh and replenish the lime mortar vital to Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes.


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Read Typical Brick Restoration FAQ's

There is different methods for brick restoration, this is all dependant on the type of brick being restored. Jigsaw brickwork have a variety of machines and tools for brick restoration. One of our brick restoration team will come on site and explain to you different methods that are suited for brick restoration. The aim is restore and clean the bricks while at the same time minimising any damage to the bricks.
Yes, Jigsaw Brickwork is in contact with many reliable brick reclaim merchants who have a vast supply of London stock bricks. One of our brick restoration experts will take one of your bricks out of the wall and take it to the merchants. They will go through their supply, brick by brick to find matching or very similar colours. These bricks were all made around the same time period as yours and will be very similar, if not identical.
The Jigsaw Brickwork brick restoration team have many different methods to restore brickwork – it all depends on what is on the bricks right now. We use a ThermaTech machine, which will clean most surfaces, a chemical clean method involving the application of different chemicals to the bricks, and an abrasive method, where the bricks are totally restored. Each method is purely dependant on the area being cleaned.
Yes, Jigsaw Brickwork can rebuild damaged bricks. A sample of your bricks will be sent to a lab, where an original brick repair mortar, which is a similar colour to the bricks, will be made. This can then be used to rebuild the bricks and remake the parts that were damaged. The brick repair mortar is made with the same characteristics as the original brick, so it forms as one.
Yes, Jigsaw Brickwork specialises in lime mortar repointing, which means we are experts in making original NHL 3.5 lime mortar. This is most likely the original lime mortar that your home was built with, many years ago. This lime mortar will let your house breathe properly and if there is any movement underneath the property, it has the quality that adjusts to the movement and does not crack.

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