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Welcome to Jigsaw Brickwork, London’s expert service for lime mortar brick repointing. Pointing itself is the mortar joints that hold your bricks, and repointing is the careful process of removing the front of these joints and replacing the mortar inside them.

Jigsaw brickwork is different from other repointing companies, because we work only on Victorian or old properties, restoring them to their original glory. These brilliant buildings should only be repointed using lime mortar, as cement mortar can damage the house.

We specialise in removing cement mortar, recreating original natural hydraulic lime mortar (NHL 3.5), and repointing the property using trusted, traditional methods. Everything we do is designed to make your home look its original, brilliant best.

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London’s Experts in Lime Mortar Repointing

Why Use Lime Mortar on Old Houses?

Lime mortar has been used in buildings as far back as the time of the Egyptians. The majority of Victorian properties were built using porous and soft products, including brick and stone. As the houses were built with solid walls, with no damp proof course, lime mortar was used as a bedding for the bricks and plastering.

The effect is that Victorian properties can breathe, while moisture within the property can be naturally released, significantly reducing the chances of damp and condensation within the property, and both spalling and cracked bricks outside. Lime mortar also protects the building from natural movement during seasonal changes and, as it is softer than brick and stone, the mortar naturally adjusts to stop the development of cracks. Unfortunately, there aren’t many experts in lime mortar repointing now, which is where the team at Jigsaw Brickwork come in.

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Why Not Use Cement Mortar on Victorian Houses?

Cement mortar has completely different characteristics to lime mortar. It is less porous and brittle and includes extra additives that can make it completely waterproof. The majority of the time, cement mortar is harder than even the bricks it holds together – so, when the ground moves below, the bricks press against the cement.

This is why you often see properties that show cracks in the mortar – which, in time, leads to extensive damage to the brickwork. Cement mortar also increases the chance of moisture being trapped behind it, encouraging groundwater to rise from the bottom of the walls and cause decay, damp, spalling and even brick faces to fall off. Unsurprisingly, cement mortar is also cheaper to make and doesn’t require as much skill to mould. This is why we only ever use lime mortar on your property, as it is the only material that keeps your brickwork safe and looking wonderful.

Lime Mortar Repointing London Specialists

Lime Mortar Brick Repointing Styles

The repointing style we choose will depend on the style and type of your property plus, of course, the kind of brick it was built with. While there are a number of different styles of repointing we can undertake, here is a short description of some of them...

‘Flush pointing’ is a method whereby the repointing makes the mortar flush with the bricks. ‘Tuck pointing’ involves brick-matching backing mortar being made and a thin white line of lime putty embedded on top, giving the impression of perfectly-shaped bricks. ‘Ribbon pointing’ is similar, but the mortar joints are bigger, and lime putty is not used. Instead, the joints are cut from the top and bottom, giving the appearance of a straight mortar joint. ‘Penny-roll pointing’ follows ‘flush pointing’, but then a thin line is cut in the middle of the joints to form brick shapes. Finally, ‘weather-struck pointing’ involves the mortar being slightly angled to let the water flow down off the joint.

Our Lime Mortar Repointing Process


Mortar Carefully Removed

The original mortar will be meticulously raked out by one of our experienced, specialist repointers.

Sample Colours Shown

We’ll provide you with different lime mortar colours and let you choose the ideal option for your home.


Original Lime Mortar Made

Then, we’ll make up the original material that suits your bricks and will be applied to the exterior of your home.

Lime Mortar Repointing

The lime mortar will be applied and, after the repointing process is complete, all residue cleaned off.


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Read Typical Lime Mortar Repointing FAQ's

Yes, the team at Jigsaw Brickwork are lime mortar repointing experts, meaning that we have studied, practised and learnt from high level industry experts over the years. They have taught us how to re-create original lime mortar to match Victorian properties, and subsequently we carry out lime mortar repointing on all our projects – and do not use any cement at all in our brick repointing. Jigsaw Brickwork use NHL 3.5 lime mortar for all repointing projects, unless a different mixture is specifically requested.
Victorian or old properties were built using certain materials and methods, but in recent times building methods and materials have changed. These new methods have not stood the test of time, and when restoring a Victorian house, it is always best to use the same materials that the house was originally built with. Cement mortar on Victorian properties will stop the house from breathing naturally, make the bricks spall, and the faces fall off and damage the bricks. Cement mortar should not be used on any old property at any time.
Yes, lime mortar is a porous product that lets the house breathe naturally. Victorian houses were built using solid construction walls, which traditionally do not have any cavity or damp proofing. The lime mortar, however, naturally takes away any moisture that gets trapped behind the bricks. Damp is caused when moisture becomes trapped – turning to damp if it has no way of being released, and then potentially causing decay and erosion of the bricks and structure. Lime mortar gets rid of the moisture naturally, which eradicates this serious problem.
Yes, the Jigsaw Brickwork repointing team can carry out all types of repointing. Our brick repointing experts will take a look at your bricks and the style of your house, then advise you what is the best style of brick repointing for your property. If you have seen a repointing style you like on another home, take a picture of it and show it to our team. We can then recreate that specific style of repointing, and also show you sample repointing on your own bricks.
Yes, Jigsaw Brickwork recommend that all our clients go and visit our previous projects, as this will give you an idea of the quality of our work. On top of that, it will also give you an idea of how the character of your home can be brought to life. Jigsaw Brickwork carry out repointing projects all over London, and our restoration experts will give you addresses we’ve worked on that are based close to your home. Jigsaw Brickwork also have various social media accounts that are updated regularly – you can check these out to get an idea of our work.

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