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As restoration specialists, we undertake a variety of techniques to ensure that your property looks its absolute best at all times. When we are repairing or replacing your brickwork, brick tinting can be a fantastic way of ensuring your exterior walls look incredible.

Our brick tinting service can help individual bricks to blend in with the rest of your property and follows a careful process that is completely safe for your building. Jigsaw Brickwork only ever use brick tint that is breathable, and does not damage brick in the way that paint does.

We’ve been applying incredible tints to brickwork across the city for many years, working with some of the most incredible classic homes in London. To let the true character of your property resonate for all to see, trust our outstanding brick tinting process.

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Houses With Differently Coloured Bricks

Over time, your property may have undergone any number of small repairs and accumulated a number of differently-coloured replacement bricks. As you’ve probably noticed, these bricks can stand out like a sore thumb – but can be quickly given the professional Jigsaw Brickwork treatment.

Our brick tinting process can correct the mistakes of previous building companies, with the ultimate aim that you won’t be able to tell the difference between an old and new brick when we’re done. Tailor-made for older properties, this brick tinting can meticulously restore the original appearance of your home.

London Brick Tinting Service

Brick Tinting

Unlike brickwork painting, our tinting process doesn’t damage the integrity of the brick. Paint completely covers the material, leaving it unable to breathe and subsequently vulnerable to increased damage over the lifespan of your property.

However, professional tinting involves your brick soaking up the carefully colour-matched tint and continuing to function as it was designed to. This process also prevents moisture from becoming trapped in the brick, significantly decreasing the possibility of frost damage in colder weather. The tinting substrate we mix instead penetrates the outer layers of the brick, forming a permanent change in its colour and appearance – and leaving your property looking incredible for all to see.

Our Brick Tinting Process


Remove Dust & Debris

The first step in our process involves a thorough removal of any material build-up that’s gathered on your brickwork over time.

Bricks Cleaned

Then, we thoroughly clean the area using the method that’s right for your brick, leaving each area ready for the next stage of the process.


Fixative Applied

A fixative fluid is applied, which helps the carefully mixed tint to be fully absorbed in your brick for a natural-looking finish all round.

Brick Tint Applied

With the right pigment created, the final step is the careful process of applying the tint to your brickwork and letting it soak in.


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Read Typical Brick Tinting FAQ's

Absolutely. Brick staining is a common practice, where over the years the property has had repair work carried out using different colour bricks. There are many different brick tints available on the market, which can be made up on site. Also known as ‘colour wash’, if your property requires a specific hue, Jigsaw Brickwork use a colour chart to ensure that your bricks all match up.
No, bricks should never be painted as this can cause you lots of problems. If you own a Victorian or Edwardian property, then your house was made a specific way and the building needs to breathe. Once you paint the bricks, this blocks the building’s breathability, traps the moisture behind the bricks, and can cause the brick-faces to spall and crumble away.
Yes, brick tint can be made to the colour you are looking for. There are two methods to this, the first being that we can make up the colour of the tint using pigments. This involves making different colours and carrying out test patches. The second method is that we use our brickwork colour chart to match them up to your bricks, and then carry out brick tinting.
Yes, brick tint is different from brick paint. Brick tint or stain is a breathable solution and works in a different way to paint. The tint is not on the surface of the bricks, but actually gets soaked up by the brick and goes inside to around a 3mm depth. The brick can then breathe naturally and is not blocked up, nor does it trap moisture behind the bricks.
Brick tinting jobs are all different from one another. Some projects require brick tinting only, whereas others require lime mortar repointing too. Jigsaw Brickwork offer free brick tinting quotations, whereby a member of our team will come to your site and explain to you the process involved in brick tinting, and what is the best method for your project.

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