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Restoring the Brilliance of Your Brickwork

Professional Expertise to Restore the True Brilliance of Your Brick
Over time, dirt and soot can accumulate on the brickwork of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties, blighting the beautiful architecture. At Jigsaw Brickwork, we know how to clean brickwork carefully and leave it in pleasingly resilient condition.

Our heritage restoration experts can carefully remove this dirt and soot – and, if your brickwork has been tarnished or damaged over time, fully restore every inch to its original colour and features. We can clean and restore any type of brickwork.

Combining time-tested, traditional methods, and contemporary brick cleaning processes alike, we’ve been working across London for years. To bring out the very best in your classic property, choose our exceptional brick cleaning service.

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Water Based Brick Cleaning

Different types of brickwork call for different cleaning methods, and we know - or can assess - which should be used for which. If we decide that a water-based method will be the most effective for your property, we’ll task top-of-the-range equipment to the job.

We use ThermaTech cleaning equipment, which is specially designed for use in property restoration. Producing a liquid spray of 150ۣ°C, this technology makes the safe removal of paint and other matter an easy process, and is purpose built to bring out the best in your brick.

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Chemical Brick Cleaning

In some circumstances, we will apply a specially formulated, but entirely safe chemical solution to the brick, and rinse carefully with warm water This approach can cost-effectively remove dirt from the brickwork without damaging, altering or changing it, leaving the brickwork's original colours in all their glory.

If you would like to have brickwork cleaned as part of a major renovation project, then give us a call before proceeding to the rest of the renovation work. This is because you should get the brickwork cleaning out of the way first, ensuring that every inch of the property looks as good as new. We will always apply our years of experience in the business to deciding the most effective way of cleaning and restoring your brickwork.

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Abrasive Brick Cleaning

This technique involves mechanical cleaners that we will use to carefully remove dirt and debris from your brickwork. Abrasive cleaning, despite how it sounds, is still a perfectly safe method even for delicate surfaces like stone and terracotta – when it’s performed professionally.

We will never use a technique that won’t benefit your brickwork, and can apply modern methods including the Vortex brick cleaning method, safely removing dirt and debris from every brick with a powerful mist of materials. We may choose to use several techniques to clean the brickwork of a specific property – but we will always let you know what the most effective method or methods will be for your home.

Our Brick Cleaning Process


Scaffolding Erected

To ensure we can safely reach the brickwork, we will erect scaffolding in a way that minimises disruption.

Test Patches

This is crucial for discerning the right cleaning method for your brickwork and requires extra-special care.


Remove Dirt and Dust

Once we have determined the right method, we will proceed with it carefully to minimise damage to the brickwork.

Brickwork Cleaned

Once the cleaning is complete, we will assess whether - and, if applicable, how - that brickwork should be repaired.


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