Brick Repairs In London

Restoring Your Home to Its Original Quality

Whether we uncover damaged bricks while working on your property or you’ve noticed a number of bricks that need some attention, our experts from Jigsaw Brickwork can professionally and efficiently repair as many of your bricks as you need.

Our high-end service is tailor-made for Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian homes across London, and we specialise in restoring the appearance of your building to its original glory. With vast experience in our team, we’re here to keep your property appearing pristine.

We specialise in using the traditional materials, including lime mortar, that your incredible home was originally built with. This allows the structure of your property to breathe, and react to seasonal change and ground shifts in the best possible way.

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Repairing Brickwork Using Reclaimed Bricks

Often, you may not know the true quality of your brickwork until it has been cleaned or had old paint removed from its surface. However, once we know the quality of the brick, we’ll quickly establish how much repair work is required or how many reclaimed bricks we need to use.

We have a number of reliable suppliers for many different materials and will be able to source a good match for your brick. Our stonemasons will comfortably take care of any repair work, using time-tested methods and modern equipment to rejuvenate the quality of your brick.

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Brick Repairs Using Brick Repair Mortar

When your London home was built, it was designed specifically to be composed of certain materials, hence the striking visual appeal of older properties. However, over time some houses may have had repointing carried out using cement based mortar, which has caused the bricks to spall and the faces to fall off.

The Jigsaw Brickwork brick repair team can remove any damaged sections of the brick and carefully rebuild it brick with stone repair mortar. A small section of your brick will be sent off to the lab, and similar coloured brick repair mortar is then made up to use on your damaged bricks. This product is only ever made using lime mortar, which makes it breathable, equally soft, porous and will become part of the original brick. Jigsaw brickwork always use traditional methods and materials for brick repairs.

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Brick Repairs Using Helifix Bars

In some instances, we may decide that your property requires some additional support. In such scenarios, we may use super-strong Helifix bars to reinforce cracked or damaged masonry in your exterior walls and support your home over time.

There are numerous reasons why bricks can become damaged and cracks appear on the property. Often, ground movement can lead to brickwork rubbing against mortar – and, if the mortar used is inadequate, cracks can begin to appear. Our experience in stonemasonry will help us identify when Helifix bars are required, and our team will ensure they are installed in the most appropriate positions without damaging the integrity of your property.

Our Brick Repair Process


Damaged Bricks Removed

After identifying the bricks needing the most attention, we’ll remove each one and prepare the area for the new brick.

Finding Matching Reclaimed

We’ll source the highest-quality reclaimed bricks that are ready-made to be professionally fitted.


Reclaimed Bricks Fitted

Carefully replacing the old with the reclaimed, our team will meticulously place every new brick required.

Brick Repointing Carried Out

Applying lime mortar, we’ll fully and professionally undertake all repointing work to ensure that your reclaimed bricks last.


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Read Typical Brick Repair FAQ's

One of the main reasons for bricks to crumble is because repointing work has been carried out using cement mortar. This stops the house from breathing and moisture gets trapped in the bricks which causes them to crumble and break. The repointing has to be removed, lime mortar repointing has to be carried out and the damaged bricks replaced for the same or similar bricks.
There is 2 main methods for repairing damaged bricks. The first is to remove the damaged brick and replace them. The second is that jigsaw brickwork can take sample of your brick and send it off. Brick repair mortar is made up the same colour as the brick. This can now be used to rebuild the brick and carry out efficient brick repairs. This method is commonly used on areas where the bricks can not be removed because of structural reasons.
Yes, Jigsaw brickwork can take out your brick as a sample. This brick will be taken to a reclaimed brick merchants who stock thousands old bricks. Jigsaw brickwork brick repair team will now match this sample to to each brick until we find the same or similar match. The damaged bricks will now be removed and replaced with matching bricks.
Yes spalled bricks can be rebuilt, This all depends on how badly the bricks are damaged. The most simplest method is remove the brick and replace it with matching bricks. Jigsaw brickworks brick repair team can make matching brick repair mortar and rebuild the brick. This method requires the brick be cleaned properly and then be given some time to dry out.
Brick repair cost depends on the level of work that is required and if scaffolding is required. Generally brick repairs are not that expensive as majority of the time you only need to repair a small section or a small area as opposed to rebuilding a new wall. Jigsaw brickwork offer free brick repair quotations, give us a call and one of restoration experts can visit you at your home.

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