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Striking Finishes for Incredible Victorian Homes

In having the plastered finish of render applied to brickwork, you can protect it against wind and rain and reduce how much heat escapes through the wall, making the property more efficient. However, rendering a heritage home requires particular care.

Whether the brickwork you want rendering was originally assembled in the Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian era, we can help you to choose the most suitable rendering solution. We can then apply it sensitively to leave a smooth, appealing finish.

If you have any concerns about applying a render finish to your property, rest assured that at Jigsaw Brickwork we only ever use rendering methods that are entirely safe, and are designed to work well with the material your home is made from.

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Lime Rendering

Though concrete is the render type traditionally used on external walls, it might not be sufficiently breathable for your particular property. To prevent moisture from becoming trapped within the wall, you can opt for lime rendering suited to period homes.

Lime rendering, even more so than regular rendering generally, must be applied in a careful, professional manner to achieve optimum results. We will always apply the absolute best lime rendering process for your home.

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K Render

The broad choice of lime renders available from Jigsaw Brickwork include K Lime, a monocouche render specially made for period properties. K Lime is manufactured by K Rend, one of the UK's most respected manufacturers of silicone coloured renders. As this implies, K Rend has a wide range of rendering products in its range if you are considering going down the "K Render" route.

While monocouche is a thick render and has its own merits as we elaborate below, K Rend also offers a thin-coat silicone render known as TC 15. For your property, we can install this organic resin render to produce a low-maintenance textured finish, and thin-coat renders especially warrant consideration due to their flexibility. This makes the renders more capable of withstanding building movements and, hence, resisting cracking.

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Monocouche Render

"Monocouche", a French word meaning "single layer", refers to a relatively recent type of rendering for the home. We can apply this white-cement render through spraying it or using a hand trowel - and the render can be pre-coloured in your choice of hue.

In applying monocouche render in just one coat, we can save you time as well as, in the longer term, labour costs and maintenance, as you would not need to re-paint the surface. We even offer "self-cleaning" monocouche renders for improved weather resistance, and excellent value for homeowners over time. If you’re unsure about any aspect of our rendering services, simply get in touch and we’ll talk through your options.

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External Wall Insulation

Though contemporary homes are often insulated through the cavity wall, a property no newer than the Edwardian period likely lacks a cavity. Still, we can add insulation to walls' exterior surfaces before applying render over it for an inconspicuous finish.

External wall insulation is a great option if you are reluctant to have insulation fitted inside your period property and lose internal space as a result. Our professional expertise enables us to fit insulation externally without affecting the appearance of your home. You could also benefit from lower utility bills over time, as your home will become more energy efficient with the professionally installed wall insulation.

Our Rendering Process


Scaffolding Erected

With the right scaffolding, we can get to work while minimising disruption to your routine life.

Old Facade Removed

If the wall already has rendering, we can remove it to start afresh with something much better.


Base Coat Applied

This can be the first of up to three coats we apply to reduce the chances of dangerous cracks forming.

Rendering Completed

This rendering will have been truly built to last - right through even periods of harsh weather.


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Read Typical Rendering FAQ's

Yes, almost any house can be properly rendered. The key thing to check, however, is what material the render is going to go on. This needs to be bricks, blocks, or something similar to hold the render properly together. Render cannot be fitted on to plastic or soft material, because it can crack and fall off. Jigsaw Brickwork specialise in rendering homes – give us a call for your free rendering quotation.
K render is a water repellent render, considered to be a breathable material. The main reason K render is very popular is the fact that the render comes already coloured, which eliminates the need for painting afterwards. K render comes in a wide range of colours, and is commonly used in external wall insulation systems and in new build homes.
Monocouche render is a single coat render, considered to be both waterproof and breathable. Monocouche render is made up of cement, lime render and special additives to give workability, adhesion and waterproofing. Just like K render, Monocouche render comes in different colours and eliminates the need for painting after it has been applied.
External wall insulation is a system that places insulation on the exterior of a property. This insulation then has render placed on top of it to cover the insulation and protect it from the weather. This system is used on houses where there have been issues of heat escaping or water coming into the property. This system is very common in new build properties.
House rendering projects vary in price, and there is no one set rendering price per house. Each project requires a site visit to determine the rendering area. The Jigsaw Brickwork rendering team can see by looking at your house if there are any issues, and so determine the best course of action to render your house. A site visit is required to set a price for the cost of rendering a house before a project can properly begin.

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