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An Outstanding Finish for Your Home

A good paint job for your home can really bring out the best in the property while protecting it from the elements all year round. However, a great paint job will also protect your stone from internal damage and allow it to breathe at all times.

At Jigsaw Brickwork, this is what we aim for with every painting and decorating job we carry out on London homes. We specialise in restoring your incredible property to its full glory and only ever use paint that looks brilliant and protects your building.

We never simply paint a house, and always follow a specialist, and time-tested process that ensures the safety of your stonework. Carefully applying masonry filler and sealant allows us to ensure the painting of your home leaves a professional, long-lasting finish.

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Repairing Damaged Areas

Unfortunately, over time, it’s inevitable that your home can lose a little of its kerb appeal as it’s open to the elements outside. Improper paint may have been applied, and the surface beneath may have suffered as a result, leaving your home in need of a little TLC before it’s repainted.

Whether we clean the brick or stone first or have removed paint, render or pebble dash from your walls, we’ll identify any areas that need the attention of our stonemasons. Any area that can’t be repaired on the spot may benefit from our brick-matching service, whereby we will source reclaimed brick to suit your home.

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Painting The Stone Work

Once any repair work has been carried out, or replacement bricks put into position and repointed with lime mortar, we’ll begin the careful process of painting your home. We’ll already have discussed with you the colour and style you’d like to see, and erected any scaffolding our painting and decorating experts will need to begin.

We’ll also have removed any existing paintwork from the surface and applied masonry filler wherever appropriate. Before we apply the paint, we’ll take care of a crucial undercoating process, involving a sealant that works to protect your brick or stone over time. Once this undercoat is dry, our painting and decorating experts will meticulously work their way over your stonework, applying only specially selected masonry paint.

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Breathable Paints

Our choice of paint is one of the many things that separates Jigsaw Brickwork from other exterior painting and decorating companies in London. We can supply fully breathable paint that allows moisture and air to be released from the material below the paint.

This is absolutely crucial for our customers – the owners of classic properties, including Victorian buildings, all over the city. When these incredible buildings were first erected, the stone or brick used was built to breathe, so when modern paints, renders, and pebble dash have been added over time, the quality of the material has been compromised. At Jigsaw Brickwork, everything we do is tailor-made to bring out the absolute best in your property and continue protecting it over time.

Our Painting & Decorating Process



Using a carefully chosen technique, we’ll remove all existing paint from the surface and identify any repairs that need to be made.


Before beginning the painting process, we’ll add masonry filler where required to ensure your home is ready to paint.



A crucial, protective sealant will then be added to the surface, aiding the longevity of both your paint and brickwork below.


Using suitable masonry paint, we’ll give your London home the professional splash of colour you’ve been looking for.


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Read Typical Painting & Decorating FAQ's

Yes, most of our painting and decorating packages except one, all require us to strip the existing paint from the exterior stone work. This is a very slow process as some houses have been painted over 5 - 6 times using lead paint. Ideally this paint should be removed and the stone work should be brought back to original stone. This makes the stone work much more easier to work on and highlights the damaged areas.
Yes, majority of our painting and decorating packages require us to repair the stone work. Once the paint has been removed from the property, the damaged areas will all become visible. Jigsaw brickworks stone masons will now remove the damaged section and sand the area. Once this is done now stone repair products will be applied to restore or rebuild the damaged areas. Areas where the stone has been damaged too much can be ordered and made again in stone.
Yes, Jigsaw brickworks stone masons can do this, a lot of stone work over the years has been damaged or eroded away with the passage of time. Jigsaw brickworks repair team will apply stone repair products to your masonry and then slowly shape them up. This is to make the edges and corners much more neater. This process is done slowly to achieve straight lines and make the stone work look how it was when it was originally fitted.
Yes, once all the restoration work has been carried out, the next stage is to paint a base undercoat. When carrying out any stone restoration work which requires painting, you should always have a base coat, otherwise what ends up happening is that when you only use masonry paint, after a while the paint starts to peel off. Jigsaw brickwork put on undercoat, sealant and stain proofer. This holds everything together and gives a nice foundation for a good finish.
Each house that we paint has a minimum of 3 coats. this is the undercoat paint first and if required we many use the undercoat twice as sometimes once you put on the undercoat we may notice areas that need fixing. This is why sometimes we may need 2 undercoats or a mist coat. Then we put on the final coat and in most cases we use 2 more coats of masonry paint, this will give the stone work a nice clean and fresh look.

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