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A multi-step approach to cleaning roofs

Your property’s roof is its first line of defence against the daily elements. Come rain or snow, your roof can handle it – especially as the water can simply wash off surface dirt. However, your roof can have other issues, such as fungus, moss and algae, which penetrate the surface.

A professional’s touch is necessary for tackling these problems, as they are much harder to eradicate than surface dirt. While organic growths like these can be easy to overlook or disregard, they can gradually inflict more and more damage to your roof if left unchecked. Fortunately, for roofs across London, we can clean roofs by scraping these growths off the surface before finishing off with a soft wash. This treatment will ultimately leave the surface spotless without causing unnecessary damage in itself.

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Cleaning and preventing

As roofs are highly exposed to the weather, they are naturally vulnerable to accumulating dirt. They can also pick up stains from air-bound pollutants - a particularly big risk near busy roads. A dirty roof is not necessarily just an aesthetic concern. Moss, for example, can grow beneath ridges and so lead tiles to loosen as it pushes against them.

Therefore, arranging for our professionals to clean your roof in their thoroughly tried-and-tested way can be great for improving your tiles' longevity and preventing expensive repairs later down the line. We can manually remove excess moss before fully soft-washing the roof. Once that roof has dried, we can proceed to coat it in a fungicidal wash to help guard against further problems.

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Our cleaning technology

High-pressure cleaning is often ill-advised for treating roofs, as the aggressive spray of water can dislodge and damage roof fittings, including tiles. Furthermore, the moss could return sooner than you had expected. A more cautious, strategic approach is therefore required - and we can provide that due to our use of ThermaTech water cleaning equipment.

With this modular technology, we can spray a liquid solution that relies minimally on chemicals but remains capable of easily removing a range of organic matter from your roof. The machine also lets us adjust the spray's pressure, potentially to as low as 20 bar - or even lower when we use pressure-reducing guns. The ease with which we can control the ThermaTech's temperature, meanwhile, allows for an evenly-shaped spray.

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Taking care of everything

As you’ve probably noticed, the roof is a pretty tough place to reach without the right equipment. This is why we not only maintain all the very best in modern roofing equipment, but even erect the necessary scaffolding for the project too. To ensure minimum disruption to you and your neighbours, we’ll erect and dismantle the scaffolding with ultimate discretion.

In fact, we work this way at all times, no matter what we do. We don’t want you, or anybody you live close to, to be disturbed while we work. To make an enquiry today, please get in touch at your earliest convenience, and a member of the team will organise a date and time for us to come to your home for exceptional quality roof cleaning.

Our Roof Cleaning Process


Scaffolding Erected

To ensure the safety of our team, and for the benefit of your property, we erect our own scaffolding prior to cleaning.

Soft Moss Clean

Moss tends to build up consistently on roofs, so we’ll start by carefully removing any traces of this troublesome growth.


Chemical Cleaning

If appropriate for your roof, a chemical clean will thoroughly cleanse your roof and leave it looking sparkling.

Soft Wash Clean

A softer wash may be applied, ensuring that every little bit of dirt and grime is removed and your roof is in its best condition.


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Granted, this type of cleaning can still remove moss. However, high-pressure cleaning entails rapid jets of spray that risk removing and damaging parts of a roof. As a result, a session of high-pressure cleaning could risk flooding your loft. It also isn't quite as effective at keeping moss at bay as you might have expected, so soft washing is the more recommended solution.
To remove excess growths like moss and lichen, we will use an array of special tools, including extendable trowels and hoes and water-fed poles. In this way, we can remove as much as 90% of the visible growth. From there, we will start applying the liquid-based cleaning solution to kill any spores and bacteria that remain on the surface.
When you see the phrase "roof cleaning", you might assume that only the main covering - the tiles - would be cleaned as part of our service. However, along the way, we will also clean the guttering and fascias that also form parts of your roof system. It's worth remembering that blocked gutters can risk damage to other parts of your roof, making those gutters imperative to keep clean.
Quite simply, when its tiles have cracked or broken to the extent that the roof has major problems with water ingress. This can happen if moss is not removed in time. Unfortunately, moss can too easily be overlooked before it causes damage, as it often grows in shaded areas. Basically, if moss has damaged a roof, have that roof fixed before you focus on getting the moss itself removed.
We can carefully blend disinfectants to ensure that spores are killed, leaving a clean roof that stays that way for months and even years to come. Our ThermaTech cleaning equipment helps us to minimise our use of both water and chemicals and so clean your roof efficiently without feeding the moss in a way that could lead it to cause further damage at a later point.

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