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Like anything else in life, a patio or driveway requires a little maintenance and TLC over time to continue looking great. At Jigsaw Brickwork, we have the experience and equipment to carefully and efficiently clean the patios and driveways around your home.

Using the most up-to-date technology, our ultimate aim is to restore the concrete, stone, tarmac or block paving around your property to its original glory – and leave you with a sparkling new surface to admire as you move to and from your home.

Our careful cleaning process is made to remove all dust and dirt, get rid of any build up of unwanted moss or algae, and ensure minimal maintenance is required from you. If you’re ready for a sparkling new surface, get in touch with the team today.

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Patio Cleaning

Naturally, we use advanced pressure-washing technology – but, at Jigsaw Brickwork, we do like to be more precise in our methods. We won’t simply power-wash your patio and leave it to dry, as this can lead dust and debris to dry and stick around.

In order to achieve the clean, smooth finish we’re hoping for, what we’ll do instead is follow a careful, four-step process that attacks dust, debris, algae and moss and leaves your patio with a smooth, clean finish. To see the results for yourself, simply get in touch with us today.

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Driveway Cleaning

Similarly, our London driveway cleaning process is designed to bring out the absolute best in your driveway. We excel on every kind of contemporary driveway material around, removing dust, dirt and soot that sticks to the top layers – and pesky weeds that can pop up in-between paving.

We’ll clean every inch of your driveway, ensuring that the regular build-up is removed and the surface underneath left spotlessly clean. More than that, however, we’ll ensure that the dirt we clean isn’t just washed a few feet away, but is completely removed and unable to dry elsewhere on your driveway. We will leave your surface clear of debris, algae and moss and looking as good as the day it was laid.

Our Patio Cleaning Process



Starting with a careful sweep and removal of loose dirt, we’ll cover every inch of the surface before power-washing the area.


This crucial step of the process ensures that any build-up of material is removed and cannot immediately return to the surface.



We’ll power-wash the entire area, removing the rest of the dust, dirt and debris that has built up over time.


Finally, on the more troublesome areas, we can also apply a final, steam-clean finish that leaves your surface looking its best.


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Read Typical Patio Cleaning FAQ's

Patio cleaning has different stages and must be done correctly, otherwise it is pointless as the dirt and debris will build up again. The best way to clean a patio is using the various industry patio cleaning machines and patio cleaning products. Yes it is possible to just use a jet wash and clean the patio but it depends what kind of clean and look you want. Jigsaw brickwork use the latest brick cleaning machines
Yes algae and moss builds up over a period of time and can be removed. This must be done by a professional otherwise it can end up causing damage. Moss and algae can sometimes cause damage and must be taken of carefully otherwise you will find that there will underlying damage. Jigsaw brickwork have different industry machines that can take off moss and algae without causing major damage.
Patio cleaning cost depends on the size of the patio and the work involved in the cleaning work. Generally patio cleaning can vary from around £150 for very small patios and up to about £500 for the larger patios and driveways. Each job requires a site visit or you can send in pictures to us of your patio and we can price it up based on your pictures.
Yes jigsaw brickwork can apply patio sealant to after your patio cleaning project. There is different types of sealants that are available on the market, that are suited to different kind of bricks. Jigsaw brickworks patio cleaning team can advise you about the best kind of sealant that is suited to your property.

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