Slab Removal East London

This beautiful terraced victorian double bayed property had been badly
neglected over the years. The home owner wanted to restore the front
exterior facade back to the original period features.

The slabs were carefully removed to expose the original bricks, their
was damaged brick underneath. matching bricks were used, which were
sourced at the reclaimed yard. The bricks were cleaned and restored on
the front of the house and the front garden wall.

The bay stone work was damaged, this was repaired and restored.

The homeowner had seen a property and wanted to have the same style
of repointing carried out to the house and the front wall. The slabs were
removed from the front of the house and replaced with pebbles.

Lastly the homeowner wanted to change the windows and install sash windows. Upvc sash windows were installed in the front and rear of the property.

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