Brick Restoration South East London

This double bayed victorian property had built up a lot of carbon and dirt over the years, the bricks had changed colour. The homeowner wanted the bricks to be cleaned and the front facade restored back to how the house was originally built.

Jigsaw brickworks brick cleaning team set about removing the dirt from the bricks and removing the damaging cement mortar. The damaged bricks were sourced and replaced with matching yellow stock bricks.

The rest of the the bricks were restored. Then client wanted to have lime mortar repointing carried out, using natural earth pigments to get a nice rich colour.

The lime mortar repointing was carried out and then finally the front was painted in a nice grey colour. The house has been restored and looks exactly how the client wanted it.

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Brick Restoration Leytonstone

Brick Restoration in Leytonstone

This single bayed victorian house lacked kerb appeal and the homeowner was struggling to sell the property. The house needed restored, work, the homeowner was keen on using traditional materials and methods. Jigsaw Brickwork first removed all the damaging cement mortar from the bricks.

Then the bricks were carefully restored to remove all the dust and carbon that had built up over the years. Now that the bricks were cleaned, all the damaged bricks were replaced with matching bricks and the stone work paint was stripped off. The next stage was carrying out lime mortar flush repointing to make the house look vintage and painting the stonework.

The home was beautifully restored and was sold within a few months.

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Brick Restoration Walthamstow

This period single bayed property had been neglected over the years, the homeowner wanted to restore the original period features. The bricks had to be cleaned off all the dirt, dust and soot, this had built up for years and had changed the bricks original colour.

Jigsaw brickwork brick cleaning team carefully cleaned the brick work, repointing was carried out based on the homeowners choice and colour.

The stone work was restored and painted to the colour the homeowner requested. The garden slabs were fitted and sash windows were supplied and fitted. This home has been restored and now looks like how it was originally built.

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