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Jigsaw Builds basement extension are bespoke and designed to your style

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Jigsaw Builds basement conversions can open up your homes unused floor space

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Jigsaw Build can build a a full garden basement conversion

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Why move out when you can extend down into the basement conversion

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Jigsaw Build offer a plans to completion service with our basement extensions

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Jigsaw build have designed a very simple guide of what type of basement you can build. There are many different types of basement extensions that can be added to your home. Jigsaw Builds team of designers will take your basement conversion idea and implement it into one of the options shown below. Every cellar conversion is dependant of the size, type and location of the property.

Basement conversion on existing cellar

This type of conversion is for a home that has a basement or cellar already in the home. This type of basement extension involves lowering the existing basement floor to make more height and space. There are many different factors that needed to be taken into consideration like, the waterproofing system needed, the condition of the ground, if there is a river nearby, headroom required. The basement conversion will be carried out by professional builders.

New Basement Dug out

This type of basement conversion is for a property that does not have basement or cellar at all. The property will need careful underpinning will take place stage by stage. The foundations will be made strong before any other work can be carried out. The soil is removed and a new basement will be created. Then steel beams will be placed under load bearing walls as support. Your basement will be made water proof. Tanking and membrane must be fitted throughout the basement.

New Build Basement Conversion

When constructing a new build home you can add basement extension to your property. Jigsaw Builds basement builders will excavate the land and construct a basement. The foundation of the new build property will be made deep or piling may be used. Due to this basement being a new build property all the waste, water, gas and electrical utilities have to be installed. Jigsaw builds team of professional cellar builders will manage your basement conversion design to completion stage

Multi Level Basement Conversion

The multi-level basement conversion is the most complex basement extension to build but at the same time it is the most beneficial basement conversion. The basement is constructed on 2 or 3 levels below ground level and the possibilities are endless to what can be built. This type of basement conversion is built in and around central London as the cost to build is high, therefore it is only worth building on a valuable property so that price increase can match build cost.

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Jigsaw Build offer a free site survey will all our basement extension projects. One of our surveyors will come to your property to take a look at your cellar area. They will then suggest the different types of cellar extension designs that would be suited to your home. They will tell you the benefits and disadvantages of each basement conversion. They will explain the basement planning process to you, this will give you an idea what kind of costs are involved and how long your basement will take to build. Call or Email to book your free basement conversion quotation.

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